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I am Denis Wong, the founder of I am passionate about football, basketball, and golf and have operated a factory in China that manufactures sporting goods for the past 12 years. I hope you enjoy this blog and learn something new about sports! Feel free to send me a message at if you have any questions or business inquiries.

Top 5 Important Tournaments of Volleyball

Many people are familiar with football competitions such as the World Cup and the European Cup, but not as many are familiar with world-class volleyball leagues. However, world-class volleyball leagues are no less than these football competitions. So, what are the most important volleyball tournaments? Such as the World Cup Volleyball Tournament, the Olympic [...]

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What Are The 13 Original Rule of Basketball?

1. The ball can be thrown with one or both hands in any direction. 2. Players may snatch the ball and play it with one or both hands, but they must never hit the ball with their hands. 3. The ball cannot be run with by a player. It must be thrown from the spot [...]

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Soccer Ball History & Timeline That You Should Know

Soccer Ball is a sport played with two teams attacking and defending each other on a rectangular field under certain rules. Due to the characteristics of strong confrontation, changeable tactics and large number of participants in football, it has come to be known as the "World's First Sport.". Originally, modern football was originated by the [...]

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