Project Description


In the field of Soccer equipment, there are different sizes of soccer goals, such as 6x4ft, 8x4ft, 10x6ft, and 12x6ft soccer goals, etc., and the size depends on the ages of the kids, teenagers, as well as adults.

We produce portable soccer goals that can be used in backyards, clubs, leagues, or any other place.

As a general rule, there is no universal goal size for each age group, as it varies by country.

The following are the standards from our Chinese market as a reference;

    • 6′ x 4′ portable soccer goals ( 3V3, 3 a side goals )
    • 7′ x 5′ portable soccer goals ( 3V3, 3 a side goals )
    • 8′ x 4/6′ portable soccer goals ( 3V3, 3 a side goals )
    • 10’x6′ portable soccer goals ( 5V5, 5 a side goals )
    • 12’x6′ portable soccer goals ( 5V5, 5 a side goals )

Portable 12×6’ft Soccer goal Material | What are soccer goal made of?

Different materials are used to make soccer goals, such as PVC, metal, fiberglass, and aluminum. Cost-wise, it will range from high to low, i.e., Aluminum > Metal > PVC > Fiberglass. Thickness is the main factor that affects the overall cost of manufacturing, as well as the main determinant of quality for sourcing this category. Whenever or wherever you are, the PVC goal is your best choice if you are looking for an affordable soccer goal!

12×6’ft Portable Soccer Goal companies

For more than ten years, we have been one of the leading manufacturers of Soccer goals, Basketball stands, and Golf products. In fact, there are many soccer goal manufacturers in China to choose from for the supplier. However, many of them are in the role of the trading company that outsources the different materials and assembles them as a whole.

12×6’ft Portable PVC Soccer Goal Overview

Durable Structure

The material of PVC Soccer Goal is increasingly becoming best selling for different market demands. This goal features our new improved essential locking system on the bottom of the goal, which makes it more stable and rigid for better outdoor play for you and your kids.

12×6’ft Premium Quality & Cost

For the goal process of manufacturing, we typically use the material called ‘uPVC’ as the authentic plastic material. UPVC is a better tube in terms of quality than PVC, with the advantage of durability & strength. Please refer to another article titled ”PVC vs uPVC – Difference and Comparison” for more information.

Actually, all the factories in the South region of China which originally used uPVC material that’s the real name of the tube, but sometimes there’s only a name difference on how they’re referred to in our local mass market, sometimes they just call it PVC. We commonly add some type of ”inhibitor” in soccer goals since they are used outdoors for a very long period of time. This prevents shortening the tube’s life. On this type of material, it can just be the last timing difference. Alternatively, we can also do more durable quality on the tube, but the cost will be usd0.35/set.

12×6’ft Portable PVC Soccer Goal Net Selection

PE (polyethylene) net is usually used outdoors due to its toughness & durability, while polyester is softer and more suitable for indoor settings; however, it is more expensive to produce polyester raw material.

If, for example, the specification for 18ply w/ thickness 1.25mm PE 10x10cm mesh net is in line with the cost of 2.5mm*1.0mm 5ply polyester 10x10cm mesh net. As usual, if you order a bigger size of 24ply PE net, the price will be USD0.5/piece.

In general, PE net has the following sizes: 18,24,30,36,45,60ply, which correspond to the different sizes of goals. Regularly, the goal will be equipped with the following sizes of PE net:

    • 4’x6′ soccer goals ( 18ply )
    • 7’x5′ soccer goals ( 18ply )
    • 8’x4′ soccer goals ( 18ply or 24ply )
    • 10’x6′ soccer goals ( 24ply or 30ply )
    • 12’x6′ soccer goals ( 24ply or 30ply )

12×6’ft Portable PVC Soccer Goal Packaging

For this type of size, we’ve worked with many retailers as well as branded distributors, etc. They usually pack in many alternative ways for the packaging for their goal in consideration of the overall cost. Retail packaging can be brown box/white box + color labeling or colored box. Here are a few different packaging designs we have done with them in the past;